Reasons to Get Critical Illness Insurance

  1. Now is the time to lock in premiums. The cost of critical illness insurance plans is on the rise and will only get more expensive as the insurance companies are realizing that customer claims are greater than they expected.
  2. Canada is the only country on the planet where you are given the possibility to get all of your money back if you never make a claim.
  3. Applying for critical illness coverage while you are healthy is extremely important because if you are diagnosed with a critical illness before purchasing critical illness insurance you will most likely not be eligible to receive coverage.
  4. Instead of having to work full time while you are ill, you will have the option to work part time, or perhaps you may choose early retirement because you will be able to afford it thanks to premiums from critical illness insurance.
  5. Critical Illness can be used to cover your mortgage or other expenses, such as medical treatment not covered by your provincial health plan while you are critically ill.
  6. There is a 90% chance that you will survive your 1st heart attack, but without critical illness insurance your finances will most likely suffer more than you.
  7. Critical Illness Insurance was not created by the insurance industry, it was invented by doctor Marius Barnard, the first sergeant to perform a successful person-to-person heart transplant. Dr. Barnard invented Critical Illness Insurance to offer patients financial support in case they become critically ill.
  8. Critical illnesses that are covered by critical illness insurance, such as cancer, heart disease and stroke are on the rise, so you are more likely to experience one of these illnesses than ever before.
  9. I will choose the best available critical illness insurance plan for your specific situation, which means that you will pay the least possible amount for your coverage, while being eligible to receive the best possible returns in case you become critically ill.
  10. In most cases an employee benefit plan does not offer critical illness insurance, and in the rare cases where it does, it most likely does not offer sufficient coverage.

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