A Better Form of Mortgage Insurance

"I" can provide you with Mortgage Protection Life Insurance in Toronto and surrounding areas, or "THEY" your lender may be able to provide it for you. What's the difference?


  • Let you choose the beneficiary
  • Provide the beneficiary with several settlement options
  • Guarantee partial protection from creditors
  • Provide professional help in settling the estate
  • Pay even in the event of suicide (after 2nd policy year)
  • Grade premiums according to age and policy size
  • Include option to change to permanent policy size
  • Continue your coverage after the mortgage is paid off
  • Cover a future mortgage
  • Waive your premiums if you are disabled and can't pay them*
  • Help you to pay off your mortgage early*
  • Include a retirement fund option*




  • Name themselves as beneficiary
  • Pay only in lump sum to themselves
  • Say creditors take all in event of death
  • Provide no such professional help
  • Not pay in event of suicide
  • Charge same rate for all ages and policy sizes
  • Have no conversion option
  • Cover you only while you have the mortgage
  • Cover only this mortgage
  • Cancel your plan if you're disable and can't pay premiums
  • Not be able to help you, through the Life Insurance, to pay off your mortgage early
  • Not be able to help you, through the Life Insurance, with any retirement income

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