About Us

We are online research specialists, website developers, search engine optimizers, entrepreneurs and children of Stan Dodig, a deceased certified financial planner (CFP) who had the highest designation in the financial planning field that is recognized worldwide. Like our father we are family oriented, we live in Mississauga Ontario Canada and our initiative with this website is to help others find invaluable resources that will help them make better decisions for their future.

Our father has been in the financial field for over two decades, during which time he gained extensive knowledge and experience. He has worked with thousands of Canadians with differing needs, wants, incomes, demographics, etc. This enabled him to gain extensive insight into all available products and solutions from Canada's best financial institutions. With all this knowledge and experience he was able to offer the best possible solutions based on his clients individual needs and desires.

Our father was not greedy or obsessed with money, he loved providing people with advice that enabled them to make the best decision based on their options. We want to continue his legacy through this website by sharing his knowledge because we believe it can be of great value to many Canadians. We are not selling any products or services on this website. We are simply providing free information that will help you make better financial planning decisions and gain knowledge.