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Critical Illness Reality Check

Critical Illness Insurance Toronto

Critical Illness Insurance provides you with a tax-free cash payment in case you are diagnosed with:
Heart disease

and in many cases a list of 18 or so other conditions including:
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson's disease
Organ transplants
Kidney failure

Imagine receiving a lump sum of $100,000 or more, tax-free after suffering and surviving a hear attack, stroke or cancer. Critical illness is a product designed to provide you with choices at the time you need them most.
It's vital for you to purchase critical illness insurance while you are healthy, otherwise you will most likely not be eligible to receive critical illness coverage. As your financial advisor in Toronto I can help you get the best critical illness coverage available.

10 Reasons to get critical illness insurance


Receive 100% Independent Advice
I am not tied to any one company or one product. This enables me to help you choose the best possible critical illness insurance plan specifically based on your needs, desires & situation. I only choose solutions offered by Canada's best insurance providers.

Critical Illness Insurance Cost
As an example, a healthy 35 year old male can purchase $100,000 of comprehensive coverage for as little as $40 per month. Rates increase with age, therefore it is always recommended to get some form of critical illness insurance now in order to lock in the best rate. Learn More

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