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Estate Planning Checklist

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Estate planning is the transfer of assets at death, and handling of fewer affairs at death. The purpose of estate planning is to preserve and protect your assets for you and your heirs (children, dependents, beneficiaries, charities, etc.). Estate planning is also the most effective solution to help you pay for your capital gains taxes. The sooner you have an estate plan in place the more money you will end up saving for yourself and your family in the future. We are a team of estate advisors in Toronto with over 20 years of experience in estate planning and we can give you the best estate planning advice in

To put estate planning into perspective here is a general example of one of the things that I can do for you and your family.

Without a proper estate plan in place you are leaving yourself and your family vulnerable to losing roughly 75% of your non-residential real estate to Revenue Canada. If you decide to work with me to put together an estate plan based on your situation, needs and desires, you will be able to transfer 100% of your wealth to your children, dependents or other beneficiaries of your choice.

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