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How to avoid significant tax hit on your estate when you die?

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Risk management is the process of evaluating any possible risk of running your business and finding the best solution for you and your family in case of disability or death.

Through risk management I am able to minimize and manage your risk of disability, cost of heath care, and risk of death. Having tons of risk management experience and being amongst the few certified financial advisors in Toronto, I will be able to offer you best financial planning and risk management advice available.

Risk of disability
the risk of disability and how it can be managed
how to evaluate the need for disability income
the features of disability income insurance policies
the primary sources of disability income insurance
taxation implications of disability premiums, benefits and tax credits
how to evaluate a disability insurance policy

Risk associated with cost of health care
provincial health insurance plans
extended health care insurance
emergency travel health insurance
long-term care insurance

Risk of death
the risk of death and how it can be managed
the role of life insurance in the risk management plan
how to evaluate the need for life insurance
how to analyze and select a life insurance policy
the nature of, and the differences between, term life,
    whole life and universal life insurance
the nature of universal life and segregated funds
the income tax implications of life insurance
strategies for minimizing the impact of taxation on beneficiaries

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